Make mistakes, guys. Seriously one of the best things you can do. 
It makes you realise the difference. 
I still suck at calories, I’ll admit that to anyone, I learn as I go along.

Yesterday, I had two meals and for the rest of the day I had 900 calories to play with. 

Today, I’ve had one meal and because I wasn’t thinking about the calories, I again have 900 calories to play with. 

Mistakes make you realise the potential and how much better off you can be with not only eating healthy but thinking it too.

Started off the day by burning 300 calories in 26 minutes. Not bad to say a few months ago it took me 31 minutes to do, so I’ve shred five minutes off my time. 
Walking to work because in a few days time I’ll be cancelling my travel ticket because I’m not getting the benefit and tbh work is only a 30 minute walk if that. 

AND at work I’ll be running all over because I’m a waitress as you all know. 

so a good day to restart after a weekend of alcohol and carbs. Feeling determined guys!